I may have reached epiphany today.
Though the feeling has kind of faded, 
the rest is left to choose.
But thoughts of all this news 
has left me remembering the blues. 
The sound blue makes, 
when with its thought provoking hues,
challenged and confused.
If you lend an ear my friend,
I will try to convey this to you.
Memories of hurt past, 
like patterns in the views,
this is what creates the blues.
Hold fast to that which molds you, 
no matter how painful.
Because when you reach in, 
I mean it’s squishy,
but that’s what captivates you.
You see color is also a consistency, 
in that it makes a sound.  
It reverberates in your fascination, 
acoustics also have a hue.  
Chroma is remembering of memory, 
subjective in its recollection 
and loud in its reflection.  
With the volume on max,
try to strike a chord with blue.
The trajectory of harmony
might just fascinate you.
Don’t hesitate to allow
the crescendo to resonate.
But once the deafening overtones soften,
 and the tune is drowned out by melody, 
there comes a sort of tranquility.  
The apex of the wave of blue
 will subside to a more pleasant hue, 
the rocky seas subdued.  
And there’s a glassy surface in its wake, 
mirroring transformative skies.  
Bottle that color, 
save it for later, 
because thats
the sound blue makes.
Thanks for viewing!

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