Stimulated Sight is a collaborative exhibition of the 2020-2021 Hauberg Fellows. The group is composed of five female artists who are professionals in the trade and skilled in the craft of glass and metal; KT Hancock, Julia Chamberlain, Bri Chesler, Sarah Terry and Minhi England. While each individual approaches the sculptural medium of glass in a different way, this work has combined those unique and separate visions into one illuminative and site specific installation. Stimulated Sight consists of neon, blown glass, cut vinyl and metal sculpture. The concept is derived from the way light is reflected in ripples of water.  The vision is sourced from a theory of optic transitions towards the future, to light & into darkness, and through time & space. Here, sight is stimulated by blown glass rondels that bend and shape the light reflected behind them. The focus of attention is centered in portals of opaque and translucent materials that curate a perspective to the spectators on the sidewalk. From this viewpoint of the installation, the bent light seen through refractive glass appears activated yet limited by repeating shapes of color laid on the surface of the window. Glass is applied as a tool of perception, symbolic of purification, renewal, motion, and life. Inspired by the experience of Pilchuck as a place of transformation, this production is a realization of teamwork, collaboration and collective voices.

Pilchuck Glass School
Hauberg Fellows 2020-2021
Collaborative window display with KT Hancock, Bri Chesler, Julia Chamberlain, and Minhi England
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